Whirling Form and Presentness at Five Myles Gallery

At Five Myles Gallery – a solo exhibition by Etty Yaniv in the front Plus/Space: “Into the Maelstrom”. In the main gallery, a four-person exhibition co-curated by Charlotta Kotik and Hanne Tierney. It matches up two sculptors, Gerard McCarthy and Gunnar Theeland with two painters, Kathleen Maximin and Michael Filan.

Emilio Cavallini Transcends Nylon into a Spiritual State

Emilio Cavallini’s exhibition “Transfiguration” at the Rosai Ugolini Modern gallery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side channels the geometry and spirituality of mandalas into colorful sculptural matrices. “Transfiguration” is Cavallini’s first solo exhibition in New York.

Zoe Leonard’s “Analogue” Encompasses History Over Time through 412 Photos at the MoMA

I had high hopes for “Analogue”, Zoe Leonard’s 10-year plus project now on view at The Museum of Modern Art. All artists of my generation, including myself, are affected by and respond differently to this overwhelming datascape we have at our disposal. Leonard’s approach is archival though not nostalgic and without a directive moral.